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How do you write a book with a ghostwriter?

You’re busy.And writing a book sounds like a mountain of work.So you put it on your Someday list.And it stays there. If you’re like most people you forget about it.BUT you’re not like most people.Or else you wouldn’t have landed

How Stories Help You Connect With Your Customers

When I was backpacking around Australia in my mid-20s, I worked some crappy jobs.I spent one night at sea on a prawn trawler. The captain had to turn the boat around because it sprang a leak. Thankfully, we made it

Feel the Fear and Share Your Story Anyway

We’re all afraid of something. For some of us our fears are very real. Fears with a capital F: climate change, the cost of living, cancer for f**k sake. Others are scared of the little things in life: spiders, insects,

We All Have an Origin Story

The idea to help people tell their Origin Story came from my 10-year-old son, who was obsessed with superheroes. He used to spend hours reading, drawing and telling me about his favourites. One day he was telling me about Spiderman’s