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“If you ever get the chance to write a book of your own, then do it.”

One of the privileges of working with business leaders to help them tell better stories is the opportunity to hear

Feel the Fear and Share Your Story Anyway

We’re all afraid of something. For some of us our fears are very real. Fears with a capital F: climate

12 Steps to Sharing Your Stories on LinkedIn to build your personal brand

“Writing is failure,” were the opening words of my first post on LinkedIn in April 2019, a quote from the

“It ties my story together in a way in which I would struggle to communicate myself because it’s not my strength.”

Jamie Roy’s background is in professional connection and he’s coached hundreds of business owners on how to connect online and

How telling their Origin Story helped two co-founders get clarity on their purpose

Wires Uncrossed helps technical experts and cross-functional teams connect and deliver more value through better communication. The company is run

We All Have an Origin Story

The idea to help people tell their Origin Story came from my 10-year-old son, who was obsessed with superheroes. He