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“It ties my story together in a way in which I would struggle to communicate myself because it’s not my strength.”

Jamie Roy’s background is in professional connection and he’s coached hundreds of business owners on how to connect online and offline.

“My goal is to introduce people to the power of connection and show them what it can be and do for them,” he says.

Not surprisingly, most of his work comes from referrals and personal introductions.

“We bumped into each other through a personal connection and we had a few conversations about the storytelling journey you were on.”

What story did the client want to tell?

“Working with you on my Origin Story made a lot of sense to me because my work is all about experiences and the experiences that I’ve had,” says Jamie. “I wanted to communicate those experiences more effectively to people. I work at depth and it’s not easy revealing yourself and who you are in order to form those deep connections.”

What was the process?

“The process was great and being able to do it in person was excellent,” says Jamie. “I think the beauty about you and what you do is you’re an incredible listener. Connection is all about the spaces where we can allow ourselves to be really listened to. That’s where the gold is, and the way that you interview people, the questions that you ask, knowing when you’re on a theme which might need to be dug into further can come through, all of that is built into the process and helps to build that trusted environment.”

What was the result?

“The conversations we had, the back and forth were very revealing and when you look at the words that are presented to you, when you get an honest understanding of what somebody believes you do from a professional standpoint is very powerful. It was massive learning because it came from someone who really listens to you and has tied your story together. It made a lot of sense and gave me a lot of clarity.

I used my story on my LinkedIn profile. I also used it when I was creating a video for who I am and what I do. It was fantastic to be able to have those words to lean into. To be able to convey what I do in a way which is clear and concise helps dramatically because it’s very challenging to put it into words.”


“The investment was definitely worthwhile and I would recommend it to anyone who potentially feels they’re not articulating who they are and what they do effectively. It allows you to tell a story that can spread and especially in today’s environment, that’s what we’ve got to do because there’s a lot of noise out there. There’s a lot of distraction. And so investing some resources and telling a strong story which resonates with you and people that you work with, it’s hard to put a price on that.”

How did the client feel after telling their story?

“How did it make me feel? It’s a good question. When somebody listens, truly listens and understands, and communicates back to you what they’ve heard it’s an awesome process. When somebody understands you, it help you understand yourself further and that’s how we work as humans. Tthis is a story about who I am and what I’m about, and it makes sense.”

The biggest result for me was being able to articulate who I am and what I’m all about. I would call myself a pretty shy, reserved, Kiwi guy and to walk down that path [of puttting yourself out there and connecting with other people] is a challenging one, but it’s the one I’ve chosen to go down because I know the rewards are there for myself and for others as well. If I can communicate more concisely and efficiently, it makes my world a far more enjoyable world to live in. It ties my story together in a way in which I would struggle to communicate myself because it’s not my strength.

To anyone wondering, why should I work with Robert, I would say, have a conversation with him and you’ll very quickly get a grasp of what he does and he’ll show you areas or skills that you may not be conscious of right now. He’s great at unravelling stories and I’m a big advocate of him and his work.”

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